With this article I would like to present a somewhat older work of mine. Inspired by my duty at that time, I made some thoughts about what bullets do after leaving the barrel on the way to the target. 

The work

At that time I accompanied the course "Sniper Operations in the High Mountains" at the Mountain and Winter Warfare School of the German Armed Forces. It was an advanced training course for the sniper teams of the Bundeswehr. The core element of the course was the angle shot uphill and downhill. The course was held in summer as well as in winter. In addition to the angle shot, of course, reaching or gaining the position was of great importance. 

I also went through the course as part of a sniper team. I was allowed to take on the tasks of both the shooter and the observer. 

After completion and in the course of further implementations, I have thought about the following. The basic idea was to make the work of the sniper team easier and more precise. 

The document

The document, which is available for download, contains the entire work. This includes an introduction to the topic, the delimitation, the theoretical considerations as well as the implementation up to a user manual. 

I wish you much fun and stimulation while reading and ask you to place it in its time.

The document can be downloaded by clicking on the image. This will first open a new tab.

Unfortunately, it is currently only available in German. If you are interested, I will gladly provide a translation into the English language. 

The software/program

The result of the work is the program available for download. It is an executable Java program as a .jar file. For the execution only a current JRE (Java Runtime Environment) must be installed on the target system. This is freely available for all systems under https://www.java.com/de/download/manual.jsp. The document also contains a corresponding instruction. 

The program is downloaded by clicking on the image.

Unfortunately, the program is currently only available in German. 

Have fun trying it out! 


Nowadays, the considerations I carried out and implemented in an exemplary manner are already an integral part of many sighting systems. The rifles used in the Bundeswehr have also evolved to the G22 A2 version. 

Of course, the program can be ported to today's devices without much effort. Also the conversion to another special use case is relatively easy. This is especially true since the code is kept extremely compact. 

I appreciate any feedback on this somewhat older finger exercise of mine. 


Those who found the reading stimulating and informative are welcome to support future projects here with an appropriate contribution. 

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