With this post I would like to briefly introduce my four favorite training options with the ski rollers for summer training in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Tempelhof Field

Tempelhof Feld probably represents the best-known opportunity for ski roller training. The former city airport in West Berlin has been a popular leisure and recreation area for Berliners since its abandonment. 

The former runways and various access and taxiways provide ample space for a variety of recreational activities. Practically all paved surfaces are suitable for rollerblading. Whereby the concrete surfaces do not offer as much grip for the stick tips due to their surface. At some transition points the surface is a bit rougher and there are small stones. The track length is unlimited. All surfaces can be combined in different ways. However, at least a light wind blows here constantly, to which one is exposed accordingly. 

Some attention should be paid to the other users. Here you can meet inline skaters, cyclists, skateboarders, kitesurfers on boards, surfers on boards, runners and walkers. 

More information is also available here

I can unreservedly recommend Tempelhof Feld, as even beginners can always keep a sufficient "safe distance" from other users.

Teltow Channel

The path along a section of the Teltow Channel is also known as part of the Berlin Wall Trail known. 

This section is asphalted throughout. It begins at the intersection of Ernst-Ruska-Ufer and Hermann-Dorner-Alle under the A113 highway bridge over the Teltow Channel. The end or turning point is the waterway crossing Teltow Channel with the Britzer Verbindungskanal. Here again there is a highway bridge of the A113, this time over the Britzer Verbindungskanal.

The one-way route is about 5.7 km long. The path is sufficiently wide. Nevertheless, you should be considerate of other users, especially cyclists, with the sticks, because it then becomes somewhat narrower when overtaking. There are also many inline skaters on the road. As far as I could observe, also some professional runners with high speed. At one point there is a treacherous manhole cover, but it is safe to drive around. Depending on the weather, leaves or branches can also lie on the path. 

Overall, this training option is recommended, even if it lacks a bit of variety. However, it is well suited as a benchmark, since the length is known accordingly. As a beginner, you should try to choose a training time in which less use is assumed.

Lake Müggelsee

Also along the Müggelsee there is the possibility to train with the ski rollers. 

The usable section goes from the bus turning point at Müggelschlößchenweg in Köpenick to the so-called Russenbrücke over the Alter Spreearm at the Dämeritzsee. The one-way distance is about 10 km.

The route is asphalted throughout. The path is mostly narrower than the path along the Teltow Channel but varied. Since it mostly goes through the forest, there is often appropriate dirt in certain sections. With a little attention, the appropriate crossings with driving roads and lake access roads can also be passed. Quite nice is the possibility to combine the training here with a cooling swim at the bathing area at the small Müggelsee. 

This training option is recommended only for experienced cross country skier, as some obstacles must be safely "circumnavigated". 

Flaeming Skate

I have already dedicated a separate blog entry to the training possibilities of the Flaeming Skate (Flaeming Skating). 

The main advantage over the other two options is the enjoyment of the landscape and the variety of training routes. It definitely does not get boring in a training session. 

The main disadvantage is the necessary approach from Berlin. 


The presented training possibilities already offer sufficient variety in the training design with the ski rollers. Thus, the short evening training session or a full-day long training session can be performed.

Surely there are other worthwhile opportunities in Berlin and the surrounding area in Brandenburg. I would be grateful for corresponding tips, of course. 

I hope you have fun trying it out! Please always with the necessary safety equipment and intact equipment! 

Gladly I am available as a guide or also for the beginners or advanced for individual and group training. If you are interested, please contact me accordingly!