My offer is directed to the governmental as well as to the civil sector.

I conduct

  • Shooting training for individual shooters and shooting groups as well as
  • Aus- und Weiterbildung von Schießausbildern. 

I create

  • Shooting training concepts and documents.

I consult companies

  • for presentations,
  • in the context of training and/or briefings, 
  • In the training of trainers,
  • in methodological/didactic principles and 
  • in the planning, implementation and stabilization of major projects 

from the user's point of view and as an instructor.

I place special emphasis on taking into account your specific needs and applying modern principles of adult education.

Take advantage of my background knowledge and decades of experience in education, training and missions.

I conduct

  • Beginner training, 
  • Individual training and 
  • Group trainings

in both techniques of cross-country skiing. 

I also conduct non-discipline specific shooting training for sport shooters.