I currently possess the qualifications listed here.

The "classic“ small arms instructor training of the Bundeswehr as part of the training to become a Mountain Infantry Platoon Leader Officer. The training was carried out with rifle G3, pistol P1, submachine gun MP 2A1 as well as the Panzerfaust 3. Qualification for training on the small arms and anti-tank small arms and for carrying out (and leading) shooting up to the respective own training level.

The qualification to carry out the new (current) small arms training. Combined with the qualification for training, practice and further training of shooters, small arms instructors of all levels.

In addition, the authorization to test firing exercises. This is a documented unique selling point for the entire German armed forces.

Includes the following weapons, among others: G36 and variants, P8 and variants, P9MA1, P30, MP7, MP5, G22, G27P, G28, G82A1, MG3, MG4, MG5 ...

In the course of the development of the new (current) firearms training of the German Armed Forces, I acquired the instructor qualification of Neurone Defense Systems in Switzerland (www.nds-ch.org).

I have the permission to conduct courses for training in self defense with firearms according to the respective German law.

Participation in various courses (so far Pistol 1 and Rifle 1) of the Academy 0/500 (0-500.de).
Participation in the special course SL rifle of KL-Strategic (www.kl-strategic.com).
Participated in various trainings of military as well as police units at home and abroad.
Knowledge of, on and with various "ComBlock" weapons (AK and variants, SKS, Mosin-Nagant, TT-33, Makarov, PPS, SWD, PKM, RPK ...).

Acquired as part of the training coach C biathlon top sport DSV. Authorized to lead and supervise shooting at shooting ranges.

Acquired as part of the training coach C biathlon top sport DSV. Authorized to lead shooting also with young people (e.g. .22 lr rifle) according to the valid regulations of the respective German law on weapons (WaffG).

Acquired after passing theoretical and practical examinations, e.g. in the following areas

  • Training theory and planning,
  • general and specific training tools (e.g. free and classic technique on skis and roller skis, alpine skis, roller blades),
  • Teaching samples (conducting training sessions),
  • Biathlon shooting training
after completing 3 course blocks and writing a seminar paper on training science.

Awarded on the basis of the qualification from the trainer course C Biathlon top sport DSV.