With this article I would like to report on my participation in this year's 5th Annual Memorial 3 Gun Competition [1] and to make the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation [2] and its impressive work known in the German-speaking world. I ask for your indulgence if I have not covered all aspects. 

The competition

Participation in the competition must be secured in April via a previously announced online registration. This year (2022) the places were again taken within a few minutes. I was lucky enough to get one of these places. 

The competition took place this year from October 7 - 9 at the Gryphon Group training site [3]. On October 6, it was already possible to register on site and visit the various shooting courses (called Stages). 

Each stage is dedicated to one of ten selected fallen or deceased comrades. This selection is made every year according to an established procedure. The stages all have a poster which honors the respective comrade. Before the completion of each stage, the life and work of the comrade is commemorated and a minute of silence is observed. Each participant signs the stage poster. In this way, the commemoration is also personalized and each participant is reminded of what the competition is for.

This is followed by the stage briefing (introduction to the exercise) and the exercise is completed by the participants one after the other according to the principle of hits per time. The participants are organized in so-called squads and thus go through the competition together. This procedure is similar to IPSC shooting. 

The stages are extremely challenging. They usually require the use of the pistol, rifle and shotgun. However, each participant can decide for himself how to complete the stage. There are guidelines as to which weapons may be used and which targets may be shot at. There is a time limit on all stages, which can be generous or extremely tight, depending on the abilities and preferences of the participants. 

Highlights of this year's stages included shooting from a former airliner, from a moving vehicle, a high number of distant targets, the ever-popular spinners (once with rifle and twice with shotgun), shooting from extremely unstable positions, and, especially challenging for me, the pure shotgun stage. 

My squad this year was again mixed. The participants ranged from first-time participants in a 3 gun competition to comparatively professional shooters. The squad supported each other without reservations and exchanged all experiences.

I myself found myself much more at ease with the complex shooting exercises than at last year's participation. I was able to make my own stage plans and implement them. Of course, not all stage plans worked. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the course for me. I was able to take away many new elements for myself, as well as for training and practice. 

To all RO's - you have delivered outstanding performance, always comradely, helpful and exceedingly professional regardless of the situation at hand!

The most important experience of the days in North Carolina, however, is belonging to a large family that stands for values, represents them and also stands up for them when necessary. They support each other unconditionally. The many volunteers, all from the special forces, former members of the special forces, members of security agencies and also sport shooters describes this exemplary.  

Side Stages

In addition to the official stages, which are the competition, there are so-called side stages. These are mostly carried out by supporting companies. Associated clubs also offer side stages. Tickets can be bought for these. On all Side Stages there is something to win. The proceeds of the side stages are donated to the families of the comrades who are commemorated this year. 

The Side Stages are complemented by a raffle to participate in the Little Bird Stage. 


The so-called ceremony on late Sunday afternoon is much more than a pure award ceremony. Much more important part is the so-called memorial. The relatives and friends of the comrades, who are remembered this year, come on stage and tell about their loved ones, whom they have lost. This is ten times a very touching moment. All the families also expressed their gratitude for the support they received from the Foundation and that the days they spent at the event helped them a little. 

This will be followed by the award ceremony in all classes of the competition and for the side stages. The supporters of the Foundation and the competition will be honored once again. 

The Foundation

The Memorial 3 Gun Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by members of the American Special Forces to commemorate their fallen comrades and to support their families. In direct connection with the US American culture of dynamic large caliber shooting sports, the civilian shooting sports world, the soldiers as well as sponsors and donors are brought together within the framework of an annual 3 Gun Match. 

In addition, the families of the respective Honories will be invited to personally experience the support of the members of the armed forces, as well as the sport shooters. 

Funds are raised through a wide variety of activities (i.e. not only during the competition) in order to be able to implement projects for the affected families.

At this point I would like to quote the foundation: 


    Our mission is to remember, honor, and memorialize fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting. We want the families to know they are not alone during and after this tragic time. During our competition, we share stories and remember who these heroes were and the life they led. Every person who competes walks away with a sense of who each of these men were. All proceeds for our events go directly to the families of the fallen soldiers we are honoring at the event. We will never forget and not let anyone else forget, the ultimate sacrifice these brave men made for this country.


I am very grateful to Erik, Bryce and all the others for being part of this family of special people who give everything for their country so that others can live safely. The Memorial Ceremony in particular touched me deeply and made me realize once again what the event stands for. At this point I am also proud to have shown my support to the affected families.  

I will continue to support this form of remembrance and support for families as best I can. 

Of course, I would be happy if I could draw the attention of other sponsors through my contribution.

Perhaps it will even be possible to establish a similar form of remembrance in Germany one day. 

I would like to say a very special thank you to Robert, who practically made my participation possible this year! Thank you Robert, that I will never forget and hope one day to have a chance to give you something back!